Software development
Etnobird Smart Bird Feeder

Android and iOS apps allow easily to track birds visiting smart bird feeder, get notifications, when seeds run out of feeder and get an insight of garden birds.

PayTipTop payment solution

Android application for taking payments and donations with NFC payment terminal. Application allows to configure emotional visual and audio feedback to donator.

Asset management software

Android application for inventory management. NFC tag reading support allows to identify inventory easily by scanning it by phone and manage it accordingly.

Documents scanning application

Android and iOS applications that identify automatically documents from camera picture and create a PDF-like document.

Numro educational app

Numro is Android app that allows parents to limit and control their children's smart device usage. Numro teaches children mathematics, tracks their sleep time, allows to see child's location and restricts their smart device usage.

Our competences
Software development
  • Software and hardware for Internet of Things (IoT) full solutions by using most contemporary technologies available (NBIoT, Sigfox, LTE-M, Wifi, 3G/4G, ...). We create web administration interfaces and end-user applications for desktop and mobile.
  • Software development for various prototyping platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM, Pycom)
  • Android and iOS mobile apps development with both native and cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Xamarin)
  • We develop web and server applications as per customer custom needs. We provide interfacing solutions for various APIs.
  • Our experienced team is able to create applications for you by using various technologies
    • We use various programming languages: C/C++, C#, Swift, PHP, Python, microPython, Java, Javascript, Assembler
    • We have experience with several operating systems: FreeRTOS, ARM Linux, Debian, Windows
    • We find suitable prototyping or controller platform for your application amongst ARM, AVR, PIC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, Nordic BLE, Pycom