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SP Engineers is offering electronics hardware and software development services since 2014. Our development office is situated in Tallinn, Estonia. Our sales and support offices are in Tallinn, Estonia and London, UK.

Here are some highlights of projects we have been working with so far:

Electronics hardware


Etnobird smart wild bird feeder

Battery powered smart wild bird feeder detects wild bird visits and takes high quality photos of birds. All photos are instantly published to web server over Wifi and can be seen via mobile apps. Seed sensor keeps user aware if seeds are starting to run out and feeder needs refilling.

Negative pressure monitoring device

Negative pressure monitoring device is meant to be used during demolition works in construction industry. All measurement data is sent to server-based application over GSM. Web-based user interface allows to get overview of device measurements. Device can be set up conveniently via mobile phone.

Cable connection tester
Industrial cable connection tester measures cable connections’ resistance and correctness. LED indicators outline faulty connections.

Goods tracking solutions
Compact trackers report their location on predefined time intervals over GSM network. Battery powered trackers have optimized power consumption logic, which allows them to have several weeks long lifetime. Web-based user interface allows to see trackers route on a map.

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Computer vision applications development

Document detection in Android and iOS applications

We have good algorithms for detecting documents from camera view in real time. Document detection works well both on light and dark backgrounds.

Various information detection from measurement devices

By analyzing images we are able to detect various information from measurement devices screens, dials and pointers.

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Mobile applications


Numro is Android-based application that gives parents an opportunity to limit and control their children’s smart device usage. Additional it transforms children’s time spent with mobile phone playfully educative and developing. Numro teaches children basic mathematics, tracks child’s sleep time, allows to see child’s location in real time and takes care that child does not spend too much time in mobile phone

Hankige see Google Play

PayTipTop  – tool for collecting money

PayTipTop helps you to collect more money for your cause compared to those old time cash donations. First pilots have shown 5 times more donations than cash when PayTipTop made the donors smile. That’s right – you can customize the app so that it will give an emotional positive feedback to your donors. From images and texts to sound.

Hankige see Google Play

Warehouse management software

Android-based application allows easily to manage employee inventory in a large warehouse. Application is able to read information from NFC tags, which makes possible to identify various invetory and  easily manage it.

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