Electronics and IoT
IIRIS salt therapy device

Halogenerator with touch screen user interface for salt therapy sessions at home. Option to select different levels of salt-aerosol concentration. Various working modes.

Smart wild bird feeder

Battery powered wild bird feeder detects wild bird visits and takes high quality photos of birds. All photos are instantly published to web server over Wifi and can be seen via mobile apps. 

Cable connection tester

Industrial cable connection tester measures cable connections’ resistance and correctness. LED indicators allow easily to identify faulty connections.

Air pressure monitor for construction sites

All measurement data is sent to server-based application over GSM. Web-based user interface allows to get overview of device measurements. Device can be set up conveniently via mobile phone

Trackers for logistics sector
Compact trackers report their location on predefined time intervals over GSM network. Battery powered trackers have optimized power consumption logic, which allows them to have several weeks long lifetime. Web-based user interface allows to see trackers route on a map.
Mobile applications
Etnobird Smart Bird Feeder

Android and iOS apps allow easily to track birds visiting smart bird feeder, get notifications, when seeds run out of feeder and get an insight of garden birds.

PayTipTop payment solution

Android application for taking payments and donations with NFC payment terminal. Application allows to configure emotional visual and audio feedback to donator.

Asset management software

Android application for inventory management. NFC tag reading support allows to identify inventory easily by scanning it by phone and manage it accordingly.

Documents scanning application

Android and iOS applications that identify automatically documents from camera picture and create a PDF-like document.

Numro educational app

Numro is Android app that allows parents to limit and control their children's smart device usage. Numro teaches children mathematics, tracks their sleep time, allows to see child's location and restricts their smart device usage.

Computer vision examples
Smart Bird Feeder

Machine vision is used to identify birds presence on the image and to identify birds species.

Measurement devices reading discovery

Machine vision is used for identifying measurement devices serial number, measurement reading and pointer position. Information is sent to server over mobile data.

Quality control

Machine vision is used to identify products with defects