UpYarn, upcycled yarn

UpYarn, upcycled yarn

Author: Anu Kõnnusaar

We will build a custom software solution for an e-commerce site (runs on PrestaShop platform) that sells yarn factory’s “waste” yarns.

The custom code will allow the user (client) to change the colors of a pattern with the existing yarn-colors (products) to visualize the new combination. The code will also help the user to calculate the needed amount of yarn (based on pattern’s sample) when user enters the desired measurements of a new product.

The second feature of the custom code is to allows the user to pick and display the existing-yarns (products) according to color rules. For example, if a user picks out a red color, the system suggests that according to Complementary-color-rule, red goes with greens and displays available green yarns to pick from.

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