Solar-charging bluetooth speaker

Solar-charging bluetooth speaker

Author: Kaido Kool

Bluetooth speaker would have a rugged, durable shock and water resistant design. It would have a solar panel to charge it in the sun as you’re using it. It could also be charged via MicroUSB cable. It would also double as a portable power bank so you can charge your devices from it when out hiking for example. It would have AUX, Bluetooth connectivity and MicroSD and USB playback ports. You could pair several devices together into a single system. The battery life would be at least 20 hours with maximum volume (market average right now is 8) . Eventually there would be several models (Luxury model, rugged work site model, home and leisure model).

There is a massive market for this product, but based on market research most speakers are either low quality, have small batteries and added tin weights inside. Many have various other features, that ruin the experience. Most are severely overpriced. Research has included many different Bluetooth speakers, including the Eton Rukus solar powered speaker.

The current market sets the sale price at around $200-300. Based on research Australian and US markets would be extremely interested in such a product.

Knowledge needed to team: electrical engineer, product designer, programmer

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