Smart Venetian Blind

Smart Venetian Blind

Author: Toomas Kordemets

Venetian Blind is one of the most comfortable and affordable solutions to allow control the light, view and the privacy of the room. There are motorized venetian blinds available, but all they are uncomfortable to use, hard to install, do not allow control by hand, do not fit to all kind of venetian blinds or just don’t get ready enough to actually ship.

Perfect venetian blind:
– can adopt to light and temperature
– can adopt to user’s needs
– is easy to install to your existing blind
– allows manual control by hand
– when grouped acts as single blind
– calibrates itself after installing
– is silent enough to be used in bedroom
– works both as a single installation or as a part of smart home solution.

Knowledge needed to team: mechatronics and electronics specialists, software developer, product designer

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