Power Cost Tutor

Power Cost Tutor

Author: Maido Märss

Home owners, who have installed solar panels or wind turbine often do not realize, when their household consumes energy and when it is manufacturing electricity. Often both activities take place on different times – at some moment electricity is sold to distribution network and at another moment electricity is bought. It could happen that electricity purchase price is much higher than the price for selling the same amount of energy to distribution network. Therefore it makes sense to consume energy locally at the moment, when it is produced. As electricity price is changing on hourly basis, it is possible to differentiate hours, when it is useful to buy energy and when not.

The idea is to build a device that downloads energy prices from electricity stock market and stores produced energy data. Based on the information overview will be given to user in graphical format. It makes possible for user to decide when to consume energy or activate automatic Power Cost Tutor that decides itself when it makes sense to start electrical appliances.

Knowledge needed to team: electronics specialists, product designers

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