Portative timecode generator for multi-camera shooting

Portative timecode generator for multi-camera shooting

Author: Kalle Käesel

Shooting films with multiple cameras is spreading also amongst hobbyists. However, most of them need manual synchronization of camera pictures for movie editing. On professional level tools are used, which create a wireless network on shooting ground for transmitting time code information. Time code information is received by special receivers attached to cameras. Such system is quite clumsy and expensive. Using coaxial cables for synchronisation is not comfortable as well.

The idea is to create a device that contains nano-SIM card and would take correct time code from mobile network. All devices with the SIM card from the same network provider would have the same time code. Device should be battery powered and be able to work at least 8 hours. BNC connector will be used as output. From software perspective it should have a configuration that one button-press could initiate either PAL, NTSC or 24P system code signal. Device should also have an LCD display for 8-digit code and status of mobile network strength, battery and code mode.

Competing devices that work in wireless network cost hundreds of euros. The aim is to make device cheaper.

Knowledge needed to team:  software engineer, electronics engineer, product designer

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