Easy to use lithium batteries

Easy to use lithium batteries

Author: Teet Randma

The most commonly used batteries in the world are lead-acid batteries with perhaps the most common application as a car starter battery, but also in other energy storage applications with total world market of $15 billion.
New lithium batteries have more power- and energy density, offer longer lifespan and some technologies are more cold resistant, but they are also more expensive and hard to use.
The idea is to make a lithium battery systems with integrated electronics, that can be used as a lead-acid replacement with plug-and-play. The main market segment could be:

  • Regular car owners, who want to start their car with -35C, when lead-acid starts to fail.
  • Replacing electric vehicle lead-acid batteries or adding a parallel module.
  • Portable solar storage systems.
  • Lead-acid electric vehicle replacements.

In order to do this a battery management system board needs to be designed as the market segment is quite specific. The output voltage should be compatible with lead-acid float charge.
These boards allow building of scalable battery solutions that can be used in existing lead-acid battery solutions without the need to replacing charger or making any other modification.

Knowledge required to team: electronics specialists

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