Braking energy reusing system (KERS) for electrical bicycle

Braking energy reusing system (KERS) for electrical bicycle

Author: Hardi Hõimoja

The idea is to bring commonly used braking energy storage system on formulas and cars to electrical bicycles. Skeleton Technologies ultracapacitors can be used for creating electric bicycle’s KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) prototype. Innovative device would have several advantages:

  • Brakes and rims will wear less because of electromagnetic brakes
  • Braking energy can be reused for mobile phone charging, lightning or bike acceleration
  • It is possible to lead energy from capacitor to smaller battery and use it later for e.g. lightning

System’s voltage shouldn’t exceed 20V. Theoretically prototype could be implemented with one ultracapacitor, but as semi-conductor elements might not work efficently on low voltage, additonal Skeleton ultracapacitors can be taken into use if necessary. Idea is demanding and allows to use unique high-technology – ultracapacitors – in a new application. If working prototype is made, further project development might be possible with the cooperation of Skeleton Technologies.

Knowledge needed to team: owner of electrical bicycle, electronics and mechatronics specialist

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