Tehnohack participants can win various precious awards


Grand Prize

The grand prize for best team is 2000 €*.



The best combination of idea and implementation will win a place in Ajujaht’s TOP30. From this position it is possible to gain forward to TV-show, which prize fund is 60 000 €!




Well formed and made idea has an opportunity to be picked up to top 40 list of Protoron’s next financing round selection process. Round’s winner can continue in Startup Incubator.



Interflux Eesti prize
800-025-icon-1Interflux Eesti will award one best team with amazing ERSA i-CON1 soldering station and Piergiacom toolset.


Trip to Junction hackathon

We are happy to announce that we are making cooperation with Junction Hackathon. Junction is taking place on 25. – 27. November in Helsinki, Finland. It is one of the biggest hackathons with hundreds of participants. Two best teams from TehnoHack will get a free ride to Junction. Read more at


YEInternational prize
YEInternational will award best teams with their gift cards


Pitching on Robotex Startup Event
Best teams have amazing opportunity to get a special invite to Robotex Startup Event. During Robotex Startup Event pitching competition is held for hardware startups. Startups can get valuable feedback from Robotex sponsors and companies participating in technology fair. The best will receive awards.



* Taxes are deducted from prize amount